New Bioflex
Bioflex is the new ingenious, cost-effective product that has been especially designed for the body piercing industry. It is fully biocampatible and extremely suitable for many different applications whenever metal is not preferred. Using a scalpel or a sharp knife it can be easily reduced to any length. The revolutionary unique and secure push-fit ends let you push jewelled balls etc onto the ends.
To order any of the items below please email and include the item description, size and colour (where applicable)

Bioflex Double Jewel Navel Barbells

Bioflex Push Fit Discs
1.2mm, 1.6mm 4mm disc

Bioflex Labrets
1.2mm, 1.6mm

PFTE Barbells/Retainers
1.2mm x 8mm
1.2mm x 10mm
3mm clear ball

Bioflex Labret with Push Fit Balls
1.2mm with 3mm ball
1.6 with 4mm ball

Bioflex Nose Retainer
1.5mm ball

Bioflex Half Ball Ends
1.6mm x 5mm

PFTE Labrets/Retainers
1.2mm x 8, 10mm
with 3mm clear ball
1.6mm x 8, 10mm
with 4mm clear ball

Bioflex Push Fit Balls
1.2mm x 3mm ball
1.6 x 4mm ball

Bioflex Eyebrow Retainer
2mm ball
1.2mm (16ga)
1.6mm (14ga

Bioflex Threader
The new Bioflex threader enables you to cut, thread and screw on ANY attachment 10 1.6mm or 1.2mm threaded attachment to 1.6mm or 1.2mm Bioflex or 1.6mm PFTE

Bioflex Push Fit Jewel Balls
1.2mm, 1.6mm, available all colours

Bioflex Ball Ends
1.6mm x 4, 5mm

PFTE Coils
1.6mm x 1 mtr long. Can be easily shortened to any length

Flexible Barbell/Retainers
1.6mm x 14mm
Red, Clear, Blue, Black, Purple