Pro Pierce have a massive range of genuine Swarvski Crystal set jewels just for you. All jewelled settings on these pages are bezel set for security, performance and style. Unlike other manufacturers we do not rely on adhesives which can deteriorate causing the jewel to fall out.
All bananabells are 1.6mm • All bananabell lower jewels are 8mm except mini (6mm) and Rivoli (10mm).

All threaded screw ons are for 1.6mm thread except 1.2mm micro screw on jewel balls

S/O Jew.
Tongue Satellite

S/O Eyeballs

Multi Jew. Satellite

S/O Evil Eyes

S/O Eyeball Cups

S/O Smooth
Jewel Balls

S/O Jewel Balls

Micro S/O
Jewell Balls


C/I Twin Jewel Balls

C/I Eyeballs

C/I Jewel Balls

C/I Evil Eyes

C/I Tiffany
Jewel Balls

C/I Smooth
Jewel Balls