The Ear

  The Ear Lobe
Ear lobe piercing is undoubtedly the most common piercing worldwide. Studs, rings or bar type jewellery may be worn but rings are always the best for easy healing. Preference of piercing is to use a needle. It is the proper way to pierce as a stud is blunt and tears it's way through he tissue causing longer healing time and increased pain. A captive bead ring 16ga - 9mm or larger is recommended for this piercing.
The jewellery shown are only examples of what Pro Pierce stock. We have a lot more jewellery suitable in different metals, styles and colours.

SSS Captive
Bead Rings

Blackline Flesh Tunnels

Gold Q
Continuous Rings

SSS Top Hats

SSS Vert. Ball
Twin Ring

Blackstar Plug

UV Skull Ear Claws

Titanium Hollow Canisters

Fluoro Rings

Trojan Spikes

The Ear Cartilage
Studs, rings and bar type jewellery can be worn but rings are the best for rapid healing. A captive bead ring 16ga - 9mm or larger is recommended.

Gold Q Captive
Bead Rings

Blackline Captive Jewel Ring

Titanium Captive Rings

Multilight Rings

SSS Captive
Jewel Rings