The Eyebrow

  The eyebrow is one of the most requested piercings. Ring or bar type jewellery can be worn. Recommended is a captive bar ring because most eyebrow flesh is reasonably thin and if pierced to deep, the jewellery will stand straight out unless using a large diameter ring. Correct placement is critical and recommended is 16ga jewellery no smaller than 9mm.
The jewellery shown are only examples of what Pro Pierce stock. We have a lot more jewellery suitable in different metals, styles and colours.

SSS Captive
Bead Rings

Micro Cone Bell

SSS Barbells

Micro Bananabell

SSS Bananabells

Gold Q
Continuous Rings

SSS Cone Bananabell

Zircon Gold
Micro Bananabell

SSS Eyebrow
Spike Barbell

UV Microbell