The Nipple

  While the nipple piercing is in vogue today for both men & women, there's little known of it's history. The piercing is sensual and attractive and has many uses. Almost any jewellery can be worn but a ring is preferred for healing, usually a 14 gauge or larger. The diameter will depend on the nipple and if the ring is too small it will stand up. Generally the diameter should be twice the length of the piercing from hole to hole. Usually a 14 - 16mm diam. for male and 16 - 20mm diam for female.
The jewellery shown are only examples of what Pro Pierce stock. We have a lot more jewellery suitable in different metals, styles and colours.

Gold Circular
Cone Bells

Nipple Discs

SSS Circular Barbells

Spiked Nip. Shield

Blackline Barbells

Web Nip. Shield

SSS Nipple Rounders

Nipple Collars

Titanium Cone Bells

Nip. Shield - 2